API and SDK integration certification - Process document

Development Acceleration Program


The certification process provides you with expert recommendations to enhance your solution and validates our collaboration during development, marking the starting point for greater integration potential.

We encourage starting the certification process upon completion of the integration development and before deploying it into end user production environments.

However, to accommodate our development partners' business needs, initial discussions, document analysis, and feature reviews can also occur after your integration is released into production but before formal review by the Genetec Certification team.


The certification process fosters deeper interaction between you and Genetec, resulting in the refinement of your integration with Genetec Security Center.

It is recommended to let the DAP Certification team know when you are ready for certification and if there is a specific event or date when you need it to be completed. This helps with proper planning.

Refer to the API and SDK Integration Certification Guide document, which provides a comprehensive guide to the overall process and the details of the steps involved.

Also, the following document describes the post-certification steps, applicable for the integrations interacting with Genetec hosted systems, known as a GSC cloud Services: API and SDK Post Certification Guide.

For any further information concerning this document, contact our Development Acceleration Program (DAP) Certification team at DAPCertification@genetec.com.