Can I write macros with the SDK?

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What are macros?

A macro is an entity that encapsulates a C# program that adds custom functionalities to Security Center.

Macros can be run either manually or automatically. When automated, it is loaded as a background process and runs when a set of conditions are met.

You create macros by writing a program in C# using the Security Center SDK and then loading the program into Security Center.

Macro execution context

You can provide input parameters to your macro by declaring mutators. Mutators must be public. Their type must be one of the following:

  • System.Boolean

  • System.String

  • System.Int32

  • System.Guid

Declaring mutators gives your macro an execution context that can be configured in the Default execution context tab. If a macro is run without specifying an execution context, the default execution context is used. This is always the case when a macro is launched from the toolbar at the bottom of Config Tool.

Creating macros

To create a macro that you can run in Security Center, you must write a C# program using an external text editor or the text editor in Config Tool. Then you can load the program in Security Center.

For detailed instructions on the procedure, refer to Creating macros in Security Center