Certification process and quality assurance for Genetec Security Center SDK integrations

Development Acceleration Program


Certification is a service that validates if a partner's SDK integrations are compliant with the Genetec Security Center quality standards and end-user expectations. The latter is one of the key benefits of the certification program.


The Certification team reviews the accuracy of all supporting documents and evaluate the quality of features integrated with Genetec Security Center, aligning them with relevant user scenarios.

Analysis of supporting documents

You are asked to provide a set of mandatory and supporting documents. The mandatory documents are the Genetec integration document, the Quality assurance document, and the Security Questionnaire document.

To download a template, see our Document templates.

The supporting documents also include the Installation and upgrade guide, Administration and configuration guide, and User guide. The Certification team reviews these documents, and will use them during preparation for certification to check the accuracy of the content. They also serve as a base for the team to learn more about the integrated features before the live demo. The goal is for any end user to use these documents effectively to install the SDK integration in their environments.

Any failure in providing these documents delays the certification review process and results in losing your spot in our backlog.

Using client scenarios to validate the SDK integration

To verify the compatibility of the SDK integration with Genetec Security Center, the Certification team conducts a series of relevant scenarios from an end user's perspective. These scenarios encompass various actions typical of end users interacting with the SDK integration and Genetec Security Center.

The Certification team uses the Quality assurance document provided by the development partner to ensure that both negative and positive tests were conducted during the development of their SDK integration with GSC. Also, this document serves as a baseline for the integration review.


In the event of Genetec services becoming unavailable during an SDK integration communication:

  • Will it continue to send queries to Security Center once the service is restored?

  • Will it notify the user of service interruption through messages, notifications, and error logs?

  • Is there any risk of data loss?

All these types of positive and negative test cases must be included in the Quality assurance document. The Certification team assumes that all these tests have been performed by the development partner's team during the development phase, before initiating the certification review process.

The review of the SDK integration by the Certification team is not a synonym for quality assurance testing. On the contrary, it validates the development partners' commitment to delivering a high-quality product. This highlights the importance of submitting a Quality assurance document that represents your testing efforts during development.

Any failure in providing detailed test cases in the Quality Assurance document causes delays in your certification review.