Consideration for an API and SDK integration with Genetec SaaS

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Learn about the Web SDK limitations in Security Center SaaS and discover the solutions to address these constraints for your integration project.

Before you start:

Make sure that your Web SDK role has been correctly configured on your Genetecâ„¢ Server. For more information, read the Security Center Administrator Guide.

Creating entities on GSC SaaS Instance

As part of the security hardening policies for Genetec SaaS systems, the admin users on the GSC SaaS instance have limited access to certain areas of Security Center. Due to this limited administrative access, the root partition is inaccessible, and you require an extra code call to create entities on Security Center SaaS instances.

For more information on how to create entities without access to the root partition, read "What's new in the Security Center SDK".

GSC SaaS Test Instance

Currently, all the API and SDK integrations for GSC SaaS must go through the mandatory Certification process. Before deployment on the end-user's production SaaS instance, the certification team reviews your integration against their test GSC SaaS instances. Hence, there is no SaaS test instance offering to partners before the certification process.

The DAP Certification team requires you to provide documentation and a live demonstration of your integration before starting the review process. For more information see the DAP certification process, Criteria, and Checklist.

To download the certification supporting document templates, go to DAP certification document templates.