Contacting the Development Partner Experience group and DAP sub-groups

Development Acceleration Program


As a development partner, it is likely that you have been in touch with several teams at Genetec, especially with different people from the DAP department. Here we aim to clarify the inter-department responsibilities so that you can get in touch with the right departments.

There are several teams that are fully dedicated to this program:

DAP Coordination team:

This team oversees DAP administrative tasks such as:

  • SDK agreement renewals

  • Solution listings

  • Part numbers

  • License creations

  • SDK plans

  • SDK contracts

    They are also responsible for global communication within the DAP and other Genetec product groups, if necessary.

    You can contact the Coordination team by email at

DAP Technical team:

This team offers technical assistance and support to development partners during their SDK integration development. They also provide design consultations, perform SDK training, and more, based on the SDK contract.

All questions need to go through this team if you have purchased a support plan. Otherwise, questions need to be directed to the coordination team at

DAP Certification team:

This team validates the SDK integrations developed by partners, ensuring compliance with Genetec Security Center in terms of functionality and quality expectations. They assess integrations from an end user perspective and run a series of customer scenarios to ensure the solution performs well with Genetec Security Center in a production environment.

You can contact the Certification team by email at or visit the DAP Certification section.

The DAP group (Coordination + Technical + Certification teams) belongs to a bigger group in Genetec called the DPEG (Development Partner Experience Group).


The DPEG supervises both DAP and Custom Solutions activities, the latter focusing on delivering tailored solutions to Genetec customers.

Examining the role of the DAP Certification team within the DAP group

Certification reviews generally start:

  • Before deployment into production:

    Before completing development, partners must update their solution listings on the DAP portal. This step gets you a part number and a certificate file (.cert) from the DAP team. You need to put this unique certificate in your application, so it can be verified with your part number in the production license.

    This mainly happens when your SDK integration is new and has not been deployed into production.

    It is also a great time to ask for DAP certification. This ensures that your SDK integration is ready before putting it into action. The DAP Certification team will check your SDK integration and tell you about any issues that need fixing.

  • After deployment into production:

    Sometimes, the SDK integration is already listed, deployed, and in use by customers. This happens when the development partner has had a long-standing relationship with Genetec or recently joined one of the technical assistance plans (Bronze/Silver/Gold plans).

    The DAP certification can be requested from, if a mutual customer requires your solution to be certified, or if you would like to increase your visibility and get differentiated in the market.


Regardless of the situation, the certification process and team responsibilities of the DAP group remain the same.

Interacting with the Certification team

When you participate in the certification process, you will typically work closely with one of our DAP certification specialists to successfully complete the program.

NOTE: The DAP Coordination team's role is to initiate the first interaction between the DAP Certification team and the development partner. They also ensure that all the necessary administrative tasks mentioned earlier are finished before starting the certification process.

The certification process is split into two phases:

  • Preparation and coordination

  • Review


Check your eligibility for the Certification program by contacting the DAP Coordination team at

If you are eligible, you can contact the DAP Certification team at or learn more about the program in the DAP Certification section.