DAP recertification of expired API and SDK Integrations

Development Acceleration Program


The DAP Certification team is committed to maintaining a portfolio of certified integrations that passed rigorous system tests against the latest Genetec Security Center products and services. If your API and SDK integration with Genetec got certified more than two years ago, your certified status is now considered "expired".

Expired certified integrations are no longer eligible to renew their marketing program, keep their certified badge, and their announcement on Genetec websites. Even though your solution information remains accessible to public and internal teams at Genetec, your integration will no longer be highlighted as certified to our sales teams and end users.

If you decide to engage with us for recertification of your expired certified API and SDK integration, your status and access to purchased marketing plans will be maintained from the date of your engagement until the result of recertification. After successful completion of certification, you will be able to renew your existing plans.

To uphold your partnership and certification with Genetec, follow the steps below:

  1. Contact the DAP team and submit your request for recertification of your expired API and SDK integration.

  2. They will provide a link to you so that you can update your existing solution listings and company profile with all the latest improvements, and integrated features since the last time you were certified.

  3. They will quote you the necessary support plans for recertification service.

  4. Submit your PO to Genetec.

  5. Obtain renewed demo licenses for the latest GSC release version.

  6. Test your API and SDK Integration against the latest Genetec Security Center release version and make sure that the integration is still working as intended.

  7. Go to the following link to continue learning about the certification process, requirements, and criteria: certification process.

Upon successful recertification of your API and SDK integration, your status will be updated and an announcement about the recertification will be made to the Sales and Marketing teams.