Exploring the Web SDK

Development Acceleration Program


As promised during the webinar, we are sharing the session recording link and answers to unanswered questions.

This webinar covered the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Web SDK

  • Basics on setup and authentication for the Web SDK

  • Main features of the Web SDK

  • Internal mechanisms of the Web SDK role

  • Limitations and optimizations of the WebSDK


Main Q&A from the 3 webinars

Q1: Is the duration between calls for KeepAlive configurable?

A1: The duration of the KeepAlive is not configurable and is set to 5 minutes.

Q2: Is ANPR well supported in the Web SDK?

A2: There are certain features that are supported such as:

  • Generating reads and hits reports

  • Receiving events

  • Accessing LPR-related events

Q3: Can the Web SDK fire a print command to print the access card for a specific cardholder's profile with an HID printer?

A3: Unfortunately, it cannot be done and requires the Workspace SDK.

Q4: Is there a way to load all cardholder groups (Guids and Names) in a single call with the Web SDK (Instead of needing to first look up Guids, then have an additional call for each Guid returned from the first)?

A4: You cannot achieve this task in a single call. However, a multiquery request can be done to send a request with multiple Guids.

Q5: Do any media SDK controls get exposed to the Web SDK, like PTZ?

A5: PTZ functionalities are available in the Web SDK but are limited. The Media SDK (.NET) should be used.

Q6: Can the Genetec SDK be done through Token instead of Basic Auth?

A6: Currently, we do not support token-based authentication, and we do not have plans to add it to our current authentication method roadmap.

Q7: Are the device credentials encrypted or can they be retrieved?

A7: All passwords are encrypted for security reasons and cannot be retrieved with the SDK.

Q8: Can we listen for any door or cardholder assignment activity, as in cardholder assigned to cardholder group, access rule, or door?

A8: No, you could run an Audit trail report to find such updates, but there are no event notifications in the Web SDK. However, the .Net SDK would have such events.

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