How do I integrate with Genetec through the SDK?

Development Acceleration Program


Process overview

Before your development:

  • Apply on the Development Acceleration Program page

  • Accept the "SDK License Terms" directly in the form

  • Put the final scope of the integration in place

  • Receive the API and SDK documentation and package from the DAP team

After your development:

  • Inform DAP that your development is complete

  • Complete your solution listing

  • Receive your part number and certificate

  • Deploy your solution


Process detail

To request the API & SDK:

Consult the Development Acceleration Program page and click Join the program to begin. Accept the "SDK License Terms" directly in the form. We will receive and review the request and contact you if necessary. The request will be approved or declined.

  • Approved:

    • We will establish the final scope of your integration, which includes the purpose of the integration and the end users (if applicable).

    • The DAP team will provide you with the API & SDK documentation and samples for you, enabling you to start your development.

  • Declined:

    • The DAP team will communicate directly with you to inform you that your request has been declined.

Once the integration is complete:

  • You will need to advise the DAP team that your integration is completed at least four weeks before deployment.

  • The DAP team will ask you to complete a Solution Listing form, to provide information on the solution you built.

  • The DAP team will review the solution listing and create a part number and certificate file specific to your integration.

  • You will receive an email containing your part number and the production certificate file. Instructions on embedding the certificate in the integration are included in the email and the SDK documentation.

  • The end users can order the part number on their production system by contacting Channel Sales.

Note that a demo license can be created upon request. This license is for testing the integration and does not constitute a production license.