How to complete my solution listing

Development Acceleration Program


Contact and advise us that you have completed your SDK integration. We will grant you access to the solution listing SharePoint folder where you can complete your solution listing.


  1. In the email sent by the DAP team, click on your solution listing folder to access it. Alternatively, if you are a direct recipient of the message, click Open.

  2. Click on the Microsoft Word file to enter your solution listing details.DAP_How_do_I_complete_my_solution_listing_02

  3. Read the instructions at the top and fill in the white fields in the solution listing with as much information about your integration as possible.

    • Provide the company name, a brief description of your company, and the company logo.

    • Specify a name for your integration, along with a quick overview and a logo, if any.

    • Share any social media links and supply contact details for assigned contacts, if applicable.

    • Select the most relevant Verticals (up to 3). If the solution is horizontal, select "All Vertical."

    • In the Integration Category section, select the integration category for your integration. If you've chosen Video Analytics, specify the accurate subcategories. See the Integration categories article for more information.

    • Provide high-level explanations of the key market applications of your integration along with its features and benefits.

    • Depict the solution architecture with a diagram. Click on the blue box to insert an image and provide explanations in the white box above.

    • Specify the versions of Security Center your integration is compatible with.

    • Finalize the distribution region and ordering information.

      • Specify the number of SDK connections required for seamless integration with Security Center, clarifying whether it's per systemID, per workstation, per server, and so on. Refer to How are SDK connections consumed for more details on SDK connections.

    • Add any other resources you find relevant in this section.

      • Copy-paste your resource below and provide a brief description. If the documentation lacks a link or URL, use the folder to upload the files. This could include solution snapshots, documentation links, video URLs, or additional comments.

    • Save the information and reach out to DAP will review the provided details and proceed to the next step.