How to set up an SDK training?

Development Acceleration Program


Prerequisites for the API and SDK training

  • Your company must have a valid SDK agreement in place. If you do not have one, review the steps to sign up for DAP.

  • The attendees must have basic or advanced knowledge of C# and .NET.

  • The attendees must have significant coding experience.

  • The purchase order for the Silver or Gold assistance plan must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the first day of the training.

  • Training participants must have a laptop with a recent version of Visual Studio (2017 and later) installed.

  • Genetec products being covered in the training must be installed before the training (you can download them from the "License Confirmation" email received after signing up for DAP).

How to get the API and SDK training?

  1. Inform the DAP team ( that you are interested in taking an API and SDK training.

  2. Fill out the form that our team sends you to assess your 5 training needs and coding level.

  3. Attend the meeting with the trainer that the DAP team schedules to go over any details and make content propositions.

  4. Submit your purchase order for the Silver or Gold SDK assistance plan (if not done already).

  5. Review the proposal sent by the DAP team. The proposal includes the agenda, duration, location, and dates of the API and SDK training.

  6. Install the necessary Genetec products, then join our API and SDK experts for your training.

You are now ready to start your training.

API and SDK training Q&A

Q: Does the DAP offer any generic API and SDK courses?

A: No, we do not offer generic API and SDK courses. Our trainings are tailored to your needs as this approach has been proven to be more helpful for our development partners.

Q: How can I download Genetec products on my computer for the training?

A: To download our products, follow the instructions found in the product's installation guide. The guide can be found in the License Confirmation email you received after signing up for the API and SDK and getting your "Definitive Integration Scope" email.

Q: Will I receive a certification confirmation after the API and SDK training?

A: We do not provide a certification confirmation at the end of the API and SDK training. However, we will send you the "API and SDK training confirmation" letter, which includes the training dates, names of the attendees, and modules covered by the training team.

Q: Is it possible to have training remotely?

A: Yes, we mostly offer remote training.

Q: What is the cost of the API and SDK training?

A: The API and SDK training is included in our Silver and Gold assistance plans as part of the "personalized guidance" inclusion. For more details on our plans and pricing, contact

For more details regarding the API and SDK training, consult: What kind of API and SDK training do we offer?