What are the different SDK part numbers and certificates?

Development Acceleration Program


Development phase

When you receive our SDK package, you can only access an SDK license for development purposes. This license includes the development part number (GSC-SDK-EXTENDED) that matches the development certificate included in the SDK samples.

You need an SDK development license to deploy the development certificates and part numbers. Development certificates and part numbers cannot be deployed on a demo or production system.

Deployment phase

The integration you develop belongs to your company. Genetec only sells the part number, which allows your integration to work with Security Center. Once your development is complete, you must advise us at DAP@genetec.com.

Provide us with a solution listing for your integration through the DAP Sharepoint folder. Afterward, we will provide you with a certificate connection and part number. The certificate contains a string of characters that needs to be embedded into your integration. The string corresponds to the unique part number that we create for your integration and also contains this string of characters.

The part number must be ordered on your end users' production system. Once the part number is added onto a production system where your integration is deployed, the part will authenticate against the certificate. This process allows your integration to work in Security Center.

The production part number and certificate are only applicable to demo or production systems and cannot be used with a development license.