What can I do in terms of alarms, events and custom fields

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Can I create my own custom events in Security Center?

Yes, custom events can be created through the SDK and can then be linked to actions in the Config Tool. Basic event-to-action can also be configured via the SDK.

Can I create, acknowledge, and monitor alarms using the SDK?

Yes, all this is possible using the SDK. You can also receive other alarm data, such as what triggered the alarm.

Can I filter which events my application receives?

In order to make sure your application is scalable, the SDK provides a mechanism to whitelist which events you are interested in receiving. This way, your application will not be bogged down by events that it is not interested in.

What are my options for interacting with Custom Fields?

You can create, query, and modify custom Fields using the Security Center SDK.

Can I create bookmarks using the SDK?

Yes, you can bookmark video using the SDK. You can also run queries on your bookmarks.