What is DAP

Development Acceleration Program


The Genetec Development Acceleration Program (DAP) is designed to assist developers in building integrations and custom applications using our application programming interface (API) and software development kits (SDK).

Benefit from our comprehensive technical assistance services to improve the quality of your solutions and accelerate your development process. Our program offers flexible service and support tiers to match your specific needs and budget. With DAP, creating customized solutions and integrating third-party systems is easy and efficient.

The Genetec Development Acceleration Program is made for everyone:

  • Technology partners: Partners who have their own technologies to offer. This type of collaboration allows integrating third-party products and features to the Genetec products, benefiting our mutual customers.

  • Channel partners: Some of our channel partners have development capabilities and are knowledgeable about the Genetec API an SDK. As our channel partner, developing through DAP allows you to differentiate yourself from other channel partners and grow your sales opportunities.

  • End users: Some end users are active API and SDK users and over time they have built applications for their own use. As our end user, you can create the integration to fit your specific requirements and have complete ownership of the application you developed.

  • Development companies: These are service companies that focus on developing applications for Genetec and other customers across various industries. As a development partner with Genetec, you will have the opportunity to participate in development projects to bring more value to our clients.

Contact us at DAP@Genetec.com if you require further details.