What is included in the SDK package

Development Acceleration Program


SDK Package

The SDK package you received to kickstart your development includes the following components:

  • Security Center SDK development license valid for one year.

  • Security Center installation and upgrade guide.

  • Security Center and SDK release notes.

  • SDK documentation and samples.

SDK documentation and samples

The documentation includes the following:

  • Descriptions of the different SDKs and APIs.

  • Multiple tutorials to get you started.

  • Definitions of every class supported and its members.

The SDK includes sample projects that cover different features, including video features:

  • Creating and updating entities.

  • Generating reports.

  • Creating user privileges.

  • Adding entities to a map and configuring them.

  • Customizing map objects and displaying them.

  • Creating macros.

  • Creating custom tasks.

  • Interacting with Security Desk and Config Tool.

  • Using the Web SDK.

  • Creating custom entities and credential formats.

  • Playing live and recorded video with the MediaPlayer control.

  • Capturing YUV and RGB frames with the VideoSourceFilter object.

  • Taking snapshots and controlling digital zoom.

  • Managing PTZ cameras.

  • Exporting video in various formats like G64, MPEG-4, and ASF.

  • Encrypting video files and creating video overlays.