What is integration certification?

Development Acceleration Program


Integration certification is an opportunity for you to test your integration with our experts and to prepare for a successful market launch. We are committed to collaborating with you as a valued partner and we share your goal of certifying your integration and having it reach its full potential.

Certification is a process through which your integration version is thoroughly tested against a specific set of our products. During this process, we provide detailed feedback to help you optimize your integration. If the integration meets our standards, you will receive a certification attestation. This attestation can help promote your solution and gives it a competitive advantage against solutions that are not certified.

We recommend that you prepare for the certification at the beginning of your integration development to ensure a quick and efficient turnaround on this process.

The DAP team is happy to share the criteria with you at any moment.

For more information on certification, watch this video: Strengthen your solution and get started today!

Benefits of certification

End users need integrations to deploy their production systems and to make sure they meet Genetec standards. By showing them that you have successfully completed our integration certification, you give end users the peace of mind that the job will be properly executed.

Our certification team specializes in development tools and their best practices. Their expert knowledge of the products helps pinpoint elements in your solution that need to be adjusted. They will provide you with a list of adjustments in a detailed report for clear guidance.

We also encourage partners who have already passed their integration certification to pursue recertification when new versions of their solutions are published. Keeping your solution certified and up to date with the latest advancements in technology ensures your solution stays relevant and performs as well as possible.

What are the requirements for integration certification?

Certification Overview

  1. Prepare the DAP certification documents and software packages required by the certification team.

  2. Provision your integration package the same way you would share it with your customers.

  3. Demonstrate your integration live for our certification team to review the solution’s setup steps and feature set.

  4. Get your integration test plans, use cases, and user experience reviewed by the certification team from an end user's point of view.

  5. Receive feedback on our findings, including usability, bugs, and mandatory and recommended fixes.

  6. Update your integration as needed and resubmit it for another review. Steps 4-6 can be repeated for up to 2 more iterations.

  7. Receive the final certification documents provided to your team for you to share with external stakeholders.

  8. Get exposure for the completed DAP certification if it is eligible, and with your approval.

Mandatory support

During the process, we need to have access to at least one technical contact to ensure the whole process is agile. We expect your contact to be reachable and capable of answering our questions about the solution. Keep in mind that the better the iteration, the faster the integration is certified.

For further information, contact DAP@genetec.com.