What kind of API and SDK training do we offer?

Development Acceleration Program


The Genetec Development Acceleration Program (DAP) offers personalized assistance from our technical specialists. Our flexible program provides tailored training in integration development tools to help you achieve more in-depth applications following best practices at Genetec.

Why attend an API and SDK training?

Our API and SDK training is tailored to your needs. We cover the topics that you need to create the best integration possible and we adjust the course to your developers' experience with our products. Training provides our partners with valuable hands-on experience in coding with our APIs, SDKs, and frameworks, consistently resulting in an accelerated development pace for the majority of our participants.The solutions produced after training and later submitted for integration certification have been shown to have fewer development flaws and issues reported by our certification specialists. Applications have a higher passing rate than applications submitted by partners who did not complete training with our specialists.As our tools constantly evolve to keep your solutions in line with the latest technology, we encourage partners who have completed training to continue attending coaching sessions with our training team.

What are the possible training locations?

  • Genetec Montreal HQ

  • Genetec Paris Office

  • Remote

What is covered during API and SDK training?

The training content is tailored for each of our partners to meet their knowledge expectations best. Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics that can be addressed:

  • Overview of the API and SDK needed for your project

  • Macros (basic examples)

  • External applications (knowledge of queries, alarm management, events, entities, etc.)

  • Media SDK (list cameras; show video streams, overlays)

  • Custom Entities

  • Maps

  • Security Desk SDK (custom tasks, custom privileges, notifications, services, tile modules, widgets, etc.)

  • Configuration pages in Config Tool

  • Web SDK

  • Tips and tricks

  • Communication through SDK

  • Exporting your report data

  • Frameworks (facial recognition, RIO API, Genetec Mission Control™, and more)

  • Genetec Clearance™ API

  • Genetec ClearID™ API

If you are interested in getting training for the SDK, review the article: How to set up an SDK training?