What should I do after receiving the SDK package?

Development Acceleration Program


When will I receive the SDK package?

You will receive the SDK package when we have received approval for your SDK request. You can access the SDK package in the "Definitive Integration Scope" email sent by our Customer Service team.

How do I set up my development environment?

In the SDK confirmation email, there are several download links and a PDF file (pictured below). Use the following five steps to start your development; use the screenshot below throughout the process.

  1. Sign in to the portal with the System ID and password

    In the PDF file, you will find the System ID and the password for your SDK license. Use the System ID as the username to sign in to the Channel Partner Portal.

  2. Download and install the Security Center software

    Click the link labeled "Security Center Core Software" in the email (marked 1 in the first screenshot); it will lead to the Download section of the portal. There, you can download the version of Security Center that matches the version of your SDK license.


    Go to the Security Center installation file and open the Manuals folder to access the installation guide. Follow the instructions to install Security Center and activate your SDK license on Server Admin.

  3. Download the SDK software

    Click the link labeled "SDK Deployment Package" in the email (marked 2 in the first screenshot) to download the SDK software and to deploy it on your system.

  4. Download the SDK samples which contains sample codes that can help you throughout your development.

What if I need technical assistance?

Technical assistance is not included with the SDK package. If you would like specialized SDK assistance or to contact our SDK technical team, it is necessary to purchase our SDK assistance plan. Details can be found in the following article: What are the costs associated to the SDK?

What should I do after completing the development?

Once your development is complete, you need to contact DAP@Genetec.com to obtain the part number and the production certificate file for your integration before your deployment. More details can be found in the following articles:

Should you have further questions, contact DAP@Genetec.com.