When can we start the DAP certification process?

Development Acceleration Program


There is usually a waitlist of about 4 weeks before the DAP Certification team can start reviewing the integration. The length of the certification process depends on your level of commitment following your initial contact with the DAP Certification team.

To avoid any delays in the process, we strongly encourage you to:

  • Make sure you can fully commit to the certification process and its technical and operational workload.

  • Be prepared to dedicate resources like technical support and developers to handle the certification requirements and implement any modifications recommended by the DAP Certification team.

  • Read the certification process and criteria document.

  • Prepare the certification requirements, for instance, the software and document package (Download the templates).

You can initiate first contact with the DAP Certification team after evaluating your eligibility for the certification program. Once you have determined that you are eligible, send an email to DAPCertification@genetec.com and submit your interest in certification.

The DAP Certification team reviews your software and document package and schedule a live demo of your integration. Once all prerequisites are approved, the certification start date is scheduled based on the current backlog.