New certified integration: AllGuard by GuardRFID

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New certified integration: AllGuard by GuardRFID

Congratulations GuardRFID!

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We are pleased to announce that the AllGuard solution by GuardRFID has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

AllGuard allows events to be configured as third-party alarms so that video of all events can be monitored in one unified platform.

The AllGuard main features:

  • Integrate with Genetec Security Center (GSC) video management software.

  • Associate Genetec cameras with events within the AllGuard system.

  • Display pop-up video feeds in the AllGuard client when events (such as exit alarms at doorways) occur in the AllGuard system.

  • Display an active video feed in the AllGuard UI when a user clicks on a video clip.

  • Save video footage of events in the AllGuard system for further viewing.

  • Send a message to GSC that will activate the appropriate video feed in Security Desk.

For further details about this Security Center integration, contact GuardRFID using the information presented below.

Are you also interested in certifying your integration with Genetec? Review What is the integration certification? for more information, or contact