New certified integration: Beagle by KAMPR SYSTEMS, LLC

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New certified integration: Beagle by Kampr Systems LLC

Congratulations Kampr Systems LLC!

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We are pleased to announce that the Kampr Systems Beagle solution has been certified by the Genetec DAP group as having met our rigorous performance criteria.

Kampr Systems LLC Beagle is a 3D facial recognition reader that integrates seamlessly with Genetec Synergis via RIO protocol. The solution is designed in a way that allows the Genetec security center engine to process all provisioning of credentials. It is using special cameras consists of depth and infrared sensors that enable Kampr Systems to use AI algorithm to detect potential basic tailgating, fake faces, and multiple face recognition. Also, it is paired with the Kampr Systems simple registration application where an operator could capture the picture of an employee, and map the facial ID information with the new or existing card number.

Use cases:

  1. Cardholders will access doors by presenting their faces in front of a special camera that is connected to the Kampr Systems readers without a need for swiping their badges.

  2. Basic tailgating detection functionality: When at least one unknown face detected, the reader won't allow access to the door to avoid potential tailgating. The faces must be within the vicinity of the door and camera.

  3. Multiple face recognition: It could authenticate up to 5 faces (or more based on the hardware capacity of the reader) if all faces are within the vicinity of the door/reader. The access denied/granted will be reported for all cardholders back to Genetec.

For further details about this integration with Security Center, please contact Kahren@kamprsystems.comor call +1-650-398-7257.

Are you also interested in getting your integrations certified by Genetec? Please review the What is the integration certification? article or contact