New certified integration: Forensic Search for Genetec by Axis

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New certified integration: Forensic Search for Genetec by Axis

Congratulations Axis!

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We are pleased to announce that the Forensic Search for Genetec solution by Axis has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

Axis Forensic Search for Genetec accelerates forensic investigations by enabling efficient search, recovery, and sharing of vast amounts of video footage. It uses motion object tracking and object classification metadata from Axis cameras to enable accurate identification without the need for any servers. Integration with Genetec Security Center (GSC) allows users to search for motion or objects in a scene. The received search results are extracted, managed, and shared as video evidence. The solution also integrates Genetec data visualization to help improve response and analysis times.

Forensic Search for Genetec main features:

  • Enables Forensic Search capabilities in Axis devices linked to GSC.

  • Streamlines the search for objects or incidents detected by Axis cameras and makes them searchable in GSC, accelerating forensic investigations.

  • Makes searching for, recovering, and sharing video evidence more efficient.

  • Filters search criteria based on place, time, motion in the scene, direction of travel, object class, object type, attributes, and more, using metadata from Axis edge devices.

For further details about this Security Center integration or for related inquiries, contact Axis services at or by phone at +46(46)272-18-00.

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