New certified integration: Gallagher Command Centre by Hills

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New certified integration: Gallagher Command Centre by Hills

Congratulations Hills!

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We are pleased to announce that the Hills Gallagher Command Centre integration has been certified by the Genetec DAP group as having met our rigorous performance criteria.

The integration allows the end user to view events and alarms in Genetec Security Center (GSC) from a Gallagher Command Centre (CC) system or vice-versa.

Sample use cases:

  • Raise alarms in CC based upon Camera events (e.g. Video Loss).

  • Monitor any GSC entity from within CC (such as Cameras, Alarms, Servers, Roles, etc.) and trigger events and/or alarms in CC.

  • Use LPR Units in GSC as Card Readers for CC associated to Access Controlled Doors.

  • Update Hotlist Rules in GSC based upon Cardholder information in CC.

  • Use events/alarms in CC to control PTZ Cameras, change recording modes, create bookmarks, etc.

  • Link Virtual Outputs in CC to physical outputs in GSC.

  • Use CC to Trigger and Acknowledge Alarms in GSC.

  • Use CC to Arm/Disarm both Areas and Zones in GSC.

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