New certified integration: Gallagher Command Centre Integration by Access Flow Global

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New certified integration: Gallagher Command Center Integration by Access Flow Global

Congratulations Access Flow Global!

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We are pleased to announce that the Access Flow Global Gallagher Command Center Integration has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

The Gallager Command Center Integration plugin is a role that works with any Genetec Security Center (GSC) or expansion server. The plugin communicates with existing Gallagher Command Center server instances via Command Center's REST API to create a unified experience for end users and integrators of access control systems.

Gallagher Command Center Integration main features:

  • Synchronize entities such as doors, units, intrusion areas, inputs, and outputs.

  • Enable a full duplex of alarm transmission and acknowledgment.

  • Manage cardholders and credentials.

  • Create custom events.

  • Attach cameras to imported entities.

  • Monitor live status of doors, inputs, outputs, areas, and intrusion areas (DOTL, door forced, lock, unlock).

  • Display live access control events (Access denied, Invalid card, Invalid pin).

  • Monitor imported entities on maps.

  • Create custom overrides in maps and monitoring tasks.

  • Trigger actions and outputs in Command Center via the plugin.

  • Use reports and widgets (Cardholder activity, Door activity, Intrusion activity reports).

  • Supports Federation™.

  • Supports role and database failover.

  • Works with Config Tool to set up the server connection and login credentials.

  • Provides entity synchronization options (for example; auto, manual).

  • Customize the types of events to import.

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