New certified integration: GroundAware by OWL Knows

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New certified integration: GroundAware by OWL Knows

Congratulations OWL Knows!

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We are pleased to announce that the GroundAware solution by OWL Knows has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

OWL Knows offers over 40 years of experience in national security, space, and critical infrastructure. The company helps its customers identify, analyze, and respond to complex threats to their missions. Their portfolio of solutions features a range of advanced sensor technologies, including GroundAware.

GroundAware is a radar-based surveillance solution built on all new digital radar technology. This solution allows users to remotely monitor and respond to physical security threats in real-time at critical sites. GroundAware facilitates an event-based, layered security approach for perimeter security that is fully integrated with other security systems, including cameras and access control, VMS, and PSIM systems. The solution can detect intruders in real-time, track from long ranges, and instantly trigger pre-determined next steps for visual verification, deterrence, and interdiction. When targets enter an alarm zone GroundAware gives GPS coordinates to the ONVIF camera and slew for visual verification.

GroundAware can send information to and run commands within Genetec Security Center using standard HTTP requests.

GroundAware main features:

  • Allow alarm events from GroundAware to trigger actions within Genetec Security Center. The types of actions that can be triggered include:

    • Displaying web pages on operator screens.

    • Displaying messages, locking doors, video recording, and activating audio and visual alarms.

  • Classify targets as humans, vehicles, animals, or aircraft and present a web-based interface on Google Maps. Using digital beamforming technology, the radar "stares" at a target without taking it off as a traditional scanning radar would. Once the OWL radar is locked in, it follows a target within the FOV.

For further details about this Security Center integration or for related inquiries, contact the OWL Knows sales teams at

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