New certified integration: iDBridge by Control iD

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New certified integration: iDBridge by Control iD

Congratulations Control iD!

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We are pleased to announce that the Control iD's iDBridge solution has been certified by the Genetec DAP group as having met our rigorous performance criteria.

Control iD is a Brazilian company specializing in the development of hardware and software products for the electronic security, commercial automation and human resources markets. The company was founded in 2006 and caters to small, medium and large companies in all business sectors and government projects. Control iD is constantly investing in in-house R&D and innovation.

iDBridge enables customers to integrate Genetec's Security Center with Control iD's access controllers (iDAccess, iDFit, iDFlex etc), card readers and turnstiles. The product is compatible with fingerprint, RFID and PIN/Password identification.

Features and benefits:

  • The Control iD - Genetec integration package (iDBridge) enables customers to seamlessly use Control iD's access controllers, readers and turnstiles together with Genetec's Security Center.

  • The integration is easy to install and allows users to enroll credentials and fingerprints directly inside Security Center. Once the enrollment is complete, the software package will immediately synchronize all information to the access controllers installed on the customer's premises.

  • Moreover, when there is an identification attempt in any device, the integration package will receive this attempt from the devices and communicate with Security Center / Synergis in order to grant or deny access to the user. This process is fast and seamless.

For further details about this integration with Security Center, please contact Albert Nissimoff (

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