New certified integration: innoVi by Agent Vi

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New certified integration: innoVi by Agent VI

Congratulations Agent VI!

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We are pleased to announce that the innoVI solution by Agent VI has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

Agent Video Intelligence (Agent VI) is the leading global provider of open architecture solutions for video analytics. Agent VI provides software products for on-premises installations and cloud-based SaaS. The capabilities of Agent VI's offerings range from real-time video analysis and alerts to video search and business intelligence. Full integration with the following is available:

  • Cameras

  • Encoders

  • Video management systems

  • Alarm automation software

Available as a cloud-based SaaS or as an on-premises solution, the innoVI range has a solution to meet the needs of any new or existing surveillance installation. innoVi supports a broad set of video analytics capabilities supported by statistical insights, including:

  • Real-time detection of events of interest

  • Quick extraction of events and data from recorded video

  • Enhanced situational awareness

innoVI main features:

  • Agent VI offers a scalable video analytics SaaS that takes advantage of the unlimited computing resources of cloud-run algorithms to remove the necessity of streaming full videos to the cloud. This offering employs deep-learning based object classification to achieve the best possible video analytics performance.

  • Hardware Efficient. The unique architecture makes Agent VI's solutions especially attractive for large scale installations by enabling cost-efficient analytics deployment through minimal to no hardware expenditure.

  • The unique architecture of Agent VI's solutions enables cost-efficient analytics deployment through minimal to no hardware expenditure for large-scale installations.

  • Agent VI supports a range of camera types including optical or thermal, fixed or PTZ, megapixel, and panoramic cameras.

  • Agent VI allows users to perform multiple analytics functions without requiring the installation of more hardware, and without being limited by the camera's own processing resources.

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