New certified integration: IPA Video plugin by Inpixon

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New certified integration: IPA Video plugin by Inpixon

Congratulations Inpixon!

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We are pleased to announce that the IPA Video plugin by Inpixon has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

Inpixon's IPA (Indoor Position Analytics) video plugin is a situational awareness system. It uses VRU sensors, existing access points (Ruckus and Cisco), and a combination of mobile-based, real-time location services to collect visitor data in retail stores, casinos, and more.

This integration allows users to use video feed data from Genetec cameras to maximize the efficiency of monitoring and managing incidents. The IPA Video plugin provides security personnel with more tools to rapidly and effectively obtain visitor journey, visit history, frequency of visits, and relevant recorded video data.

The IPA Video plugin helps security and control rooms to assess and manage emerging incidents. It is designed to provide the location, history data, and status of all individuals inside a building, assuming they maintain consistent use of a mobile device. You can easily track an individual with their mobile device, and see video playback from multiple cameras in multiple locations in the building.

IPA Video plugin main features:

  • Use IPA insights such as the number of customers present, their return frequency, stay time, and movement through the premises to monitor, identify, and manage threats or incidents.

  • Retrieve information about the presence of a recorded device at a scene from video playback or live from a Security Desk Monitoring task.

  • Categorize visitors and display their location using color-coded dots on the map. Locate new customers, returning customers, staff, maintenance teams, executives.

  • Display the number of common devices present at a location at the time of an incident, and access the history of a device.

  • Search detected devices using the MAC address of the recording devices.

  • Add a device to a watchlist and get notified the next time the same device is detected on the premises.

  • Allow alerts and messaging to the devices of registered staff.

For further details about this Security Center integration or for related inquiries, contact the Inpixon VP of Marketing, Jody Shaffer, at or call +1 (416)502-9455 x3045.

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