New certified integration: Lobby Ambassador Visitor Management by Splan

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New certified integration: Lobby Ambassador visitor management by Splan

Congratulations Splan!

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We are pleased to announce that the Lobby Ambassador visitor management solution by Splan has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

Splan provides integration between Lobby Ambassador visitor management and Genetec Security Center (GSC) to manage visitor check-in and check-out. The registered checked-in visitors are automatically provisioned in GSC as a regular cardholder with proper credentials, and they are deprovisioned on check-out. The Splan solution allows customers to dynamically change their integration parameters based on unique requirements, per site or location.

Sample use cases:

  • Check in pre-registered visitors on the day of their visit using Splan, which automatically generates a Security Center visitor. This new visitor is created as a cardholder in GSC with the necessary credentials.

  • Generate a visitor profile in Splan, which is automatically checked in during the process. This new visitor is then established as a cardholder with the necessary credentials in GSC.

  • Validate the uniqueness of credentials, whether visitors are pre-registered or arrive directly. If a badge number is already assigned in GSC when a visitor is checked in, the lobby ambassador is alerted and can take the necessary action.

  • Use Splan to check out visitors, which automatically removes their provisioning in GSC, including both the cardholder and their credentials.

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