New certified integration: Mobility Suite by Altimec SA (Alutel)

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New certified integration: Alutel Mobility Suite by Altimec SA

Congratulations Alutel!

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We are pleased to announce that the Alutel Mobility Suite solution by Altimec SA has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

Alutel Mobility Suite has two products that are integrated with Genetec Security Center (GSC): a tablet with an integrated access control reader and a mustering solution.

The tablet has an integrated access control reader that enables security operators to authenticate the personnel in their facilities using Wi-Fi or cellular network. If no connection is available, the mobile reader works offline until it connects back to the server. It generates access events (Access denied or Access granted) in GSC and shows the full name and picture of employees.

The Mustering solution provides real-time reports on the number of personnel that are safe or missing in an evacuation or emergency scenario.

Alutel Mobility Suite main features:

  • Use the mobile reader in open areas where no physical installation is possible or in remote areas where no active connection is available.

  • Get detailed reports on the number of missing personnel during an evacuation or emergency situation using the Mustering mobile application.

  • Send access events to GSC and apply access rules on cardholders and their visitors using the mobile reader.

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