New certified integration: NuVision by Nuvia

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New certified integration: NuVision by Nuvia

Congratulations Nuvia!

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We are pleased to announce that the NuVision solution by Nuvia has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

Subsidiary of VINCI Construction and division of the world-leading VINCI Group, NUVIA is an international company that operates worldwide on highly regulated and sensitive industrial sites. With three ranges of NUVIATech products, NUVIA is a leading designer and supplier of radiation protection and detection instruments. They are as valuable in healthcare and protection as they are in radioactivity geolocation.

The NuVISION gamma camera enables the operator to identify, localize, and quantify a nuclear or radiological threat in real-time and display all relevant information in Genetec Security Center (GSC) for a quick response. Securing critical infrastructure, Major Public Events (MPE), and borders has become a bigger focus over the last few years. Several complementary solutions can be deployed on site to minimize the risk of nuclear threats such as Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD) or "dirty bombs and Radiological Exposure Devices (RED). Detecting and localizing a threat from a distance in real-time is not possible even when combining all existing detection technologies available on the market.

NuVision main features:

  • Superimpose radiological threats onto a visual image for quick identification. GSC triggers the alarm and displays the origin of the threat. The NuVISION gamma camera enables the discrimination of medical isotopes (such as the ones used in nuclear medicine for diagnostic purposes) from Special Nuclear Material representing a real threat.

  • Integrate nuclear threat surveillance with a modular GSC system, enabling intervention in a timely manner.

  • Allow real-time threat identification and precise localization of nuclear threats on the premises.

  • Differentiate between medical and SNM isotopes.

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