New certified integration: Ontic by Ontic Technology

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New certified integration: Ontic by Ontic Technology

Congratulations Ontic Technology!

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We are pleased to announce that the Ontic solution by Ontic Technology has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

The Ontic solution is designed to connect Genetec Security Center (GSC) and Ontic by integrating GSC into Ontic’s signals and rules. Clients can use custom Genetec events to trigger actions based on the signals received in their Ontic system. The events that are triggered are entirely customizable by the client and are based on what is available to the client via GSC.

Ontic main features:

  • Report on-premises situations to the client's security team through their Ontic system, allowing the team to trigger an action in their Genetec system directly from Ontic.

  • Detect signals for known threat actors using Ontic's rule engine and trigger a custom event in GSC for the specified location. These custom events could lock a door, sound an alarm, and notify the security team that this person needs to be escorted off the premises.

For further details about this Security Center integration or for related inquiries, contact Kiara Wallace at

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