New certified integration: Plugin Uhlmann and Zacher by AddonXpert

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New certified integration: Uhlmann and Zacher by AddonXpert

Congratulations AddonXpert!

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We are pleased to announce that AddonXpert - Uhlmann and Zacher integration with Genetec Security Center solution has been certified by the Genetec DAP group as having met our rigorous performance criteria.

The plugin Uhlmann and Zacher Lock can be directly connected to UZ Lock units and to Synergis access control module in Security Center via RIO protocol.

It allows integration and control of the UZ Lock into Synergis manage credential access.

AddonXpert - Uhlmann and Zacher Plugin with Genetec Security Center includes the following features:

  • Integrating the Uhlmann and Zacher Lock into Synergis

  • Managing credential access directly into Synergis

  • Controling the Uhlmann and Zacher Lock directly into Synergis

For further details about this Security Center integration, contact AddonXpert using the information presented below.

Are you also interested in certifying your integration with Genetec? Review What is the integration certification? for more information, or contact