New certified integration: Scylla IDS plugin for Genetec by Scylla

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New certified integration: Scylla IDS plugin for Genetec by Scylla

Congratulations Scylla!

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We are pleased to announce that the Scylla IDS plugin by Scylla has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

This plugin supports Scylla IDs by adding increased functionality to Genetec VMS. The Scylla IDS system supports existing intrusion detection solutions using artificial intelligence-based non-managed motion detection. Scylla IDS adds smart identification to the otherwise inaccurate embedded alarm systems of cameras, reducing the number of false positive alarms. The plugin's algorithm checks the camera's field of view for people and vehicles, filtering out the cases where no objects of interest are detected.

Scylla IDS main features:

  • Filter out up to 99.95% of false alarms, minimize noise fatigue, and reduce unnecessary panic and expenses using high-precision Al-surveillance technology.

  • Monitor the perimeter of your installation.

  • Keep track of motion alarms based on person or vehicle intrusion detection.

  • View statistics for how many real alarms were triggered during a period of time along with the false positive rate.

For further details about this Security Center integration, contact Scylla Technologies Inc. using the information presented below.

Are you also interested in certifying your integration with Genetec? Review What is the integration certification? for more information, or contact