New certified integration: Vaidio Alarm Integration by IronYun

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New certified integration: Vaidio Alarm Integration by Ironyun

Congratulations Ironyun!

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We are pleased to announce that the Vaidio Alarm Integration solution by Ironyun has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

Ironyun is a global company providing all-in-one artificial intelligent video analytics solutions for on-premises, private, public, and hybrid-cloud security and smart city applications.

Vaidio Alarm Integration solution include several artificial intelligence deep learning analytics engines. Each engine processes videos from live RTSP streams or uploaded files, performs object recognition, obtains and saves the metadata, and generates alerts according to alert rules set by the user.

Vaidio Alarm Integration can obtain video streams via Security Center as the input method. Any AINVR alert can trigger a custom event and a corresponding alarm in Security Center. The alarm includes (1) the type of alarm, (2) the camera that caused it, and (3) an image of the scene that caused it.

Vaidio Alarm Integratio main features:

  • View multiple analytics in one platform, simplifying the user's experience:

    • Object detection

    • Intrusion detection

    • Face search & face recognition

    • License plate recognition

    • People & vehicle counting

    • Abnormality detection (wrong direction, loitering, falling, crouching, illegal parking)

    • Weapon detection

    • Smoke & fire detection

  • Use pre-trained artificial intelligence models; ready to use at installation, no calibration required.

  • Apply artificial intelligence analytics to any IP camera without expensive hardware upgrades on the cameras themselves.

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