New certified integration: Visitor Management by Proxyclick

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New certified integration: Visitor management by Proxyclick

Congratulations Proxyclick!

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We are pleased to announce that the visitor management solution by Proxyclick has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

Proxyclick is a cloud-based software that offers comprehensive management of visitors from invitation to checkout. Thousands of organizations across the globe use Proxyclick to transform the way they welcome their guests, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. Proxyclick provides the tools to connect with confidence, delivering a great first impression in tandem with a secure entry process.

With Genetec Security Center (GSC) visitors are created using templates and identifiers that allow Proxyclick visitors to gain access. Different customer needs can be met using configuration values, ensuring that the flow of visitors is secure and adjusted to the specific on-site requirements.

Visitor management main features:

  • Create single and group visits in Proxyclick. The new visitors are created automatically as visitors with the proper credentials in GSC.

  • Generate QR codes for visitors by using Proxyclick's solution with a custom Wiegand card format in GSC, making it possible to create appropriate credentials.

  • Update visitors' information (first name, last name, visit date) directly from Proxyclick and have the changes appear in GSC.

  • Delete visitors in Proxyclick to delete them in GSC.

  • Define access levels according to customer requirements by assigning visitors to cardholder groups (arriving, exiting, no access).

  • Authenticate a credential's uniqueness with Proxyclick, avoiding the creation of duplicates in GSC.

For further details about this Security Center integration or for related inquiries, contact Proxyclick's Access Control team at or

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