New certified integration: Visitor Management by Traction Guest

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New certified integration: Visitor Management by Traction Guest

Congratulations Traction Guest!

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We are pleased to announce that the Visitor Management solution by Traction Guest has met our rigorous performance criteria and is now certified with the Genetec DAP group.

Traction Guest Visitor Management has a customized pre-registration and sign-in process that could include answering questions, signing documents, or meeting other safety and compliance requirements.

Once successfully screened, there is no duplicate entry of visitor information in Genetec Security Center (GSC). As a result, the visitor should experience no turnaround time when waiting for an activated badge with their appropriately assigned access levels. The access rules are defined in GSC and are synchronized into Traction Guest. This process between sign in and granting of appropriate access helps enterprises drive both efficiency and compliance.

Visitor Management main features:

  • Activate security badges with particular levels of access for visitors who sign in on the visitor management system. The physical access rules that can be associated with a provisioned credential are pre-configured in GSC and synced into Traction Guest.

  • Set up the integration on a location basis, not by account. This flexibility allows the user to decide which locations are connected to GSC, ensuring that only sign-ins specific to those enabled locations allow credential assignment.

  • Allocate different users with different permission levels for assigning credentials to visitors. Administrators in Traction Guest can control which user groups are allowed to assign which physical access rules, ensuring a high level of customization and security.

  • Deprovision credentials automatically upon sign out. Alternatively, a user on the web view of the guest book can mark a badge as returned which also de-provisions the badge. Visitors that have returned a badge are eligible to be provisioned a new badge if desired.

For further details about this Security Center integration or for related inquiries, contact Traction Guest at

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