Overview of the Genetecâ„¢ Restricted Security Area Surveillance API

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Restricted Security Area Surveillance

Overview of the Restricted Security Area Surveillance API

Restricted Security Area (RSA) Surveillance is the perimeter intrusion detection and movement tracking solution for Genetec Security Center.

It is designed to unify sensors and systems deployed to protect perimeters and track objects with technologies such as:

  • PIDS systems (fence systems, buried cables, fiber optic, infra-red beams, and more)

  • Radars

  • LiDARS and Lasers

  • Specialized video analytics

  • RF antennas

  • Sonars

  • More

RSA contains all the features required to use those sensors to provide a unified experience to Genetec clients. Data supplied by the sensors and systems is used to raise alarms, create actions, control PTZ cameras, display target positions on a map, and more.

The RSA API offers various benefits to Genetec Technology Partners, system integrators, and end users:

  • Container based: no restriction in the selection of the development language.

  • Cloud ready: simple testing and delivery of drivers.

  • Decoupled: drivers are version independent from RSA and Security Center.

  • Easy to upgrade: new drivers can be made available almost in real time to add features or fix issues. Multiple versions can be kept in the same system to enable instant rollback.

From RSA 4.2, this new method is made available to all partners wanting to add a driver to RSA.

Partners can initiate the application process via the Development Acceleration Program (DAP) to acquire access to the RSA API.

It is important to note that following the completion of the RSA API integration, partners are obligated to undergo the RSA certification process, which incurs a service fee.