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Overview of the Web Player

The Genetec™ Web Player is a web library used to display Security Center camera audio and video in any web page.

This library is intended for web developers to use with Javascript or Typescript code. It is lightweight and easy to integrate in existing web pages because it does not depend on any other library or framework.

The Genetec Web Player library can be used to show live streams, control PTZ cameras, and play back recorded sequences. It also provides a list of time ranges that can be used to create timeline controls. The integrated player supports various play speeds along with pause and resume commands.

The website displaying the library must be hosted on an independent web server. After loading the webpage in your browser, the Genetec Web Player must be connected to an accessible Security Center Media Gateway. The WebSocket protocol is used for this connection.

By default, transcoding is disabled on the Media Gateway role because of its intensive CPU requirement. As a result, video codecs incompatible with your browser are not playable and an Unsupported codec error is displayed in the player. If full compatibility with all cameras is required, you can enable transcoding in Media Gateway role configurations.



  • Live playback or audio and video streaming

  • Hardware accelerated video decoding (when available)

  • Video watermarking

  • PTZ control with low latency mode

  • Dynamic stream selection

  • Timeline API

  • Digital zoom and snapshot

  • Fisheye lens dewarping


  • The Genetec Web Player is designed to play streams not to send commands (ex: Adding a bookmark). Use the standard SDK or REST SDK for these use cases. The only exception is PTZ control.

  • AAC audio is currently the only supported audio.

  • Dewarping, rotation and digital zoom are currently unsupported.

  • Metadata streams, overlays, and snapshots are currently unsupported.

  • Some codecs require transcoding on the Media Gateway server.

  • Web Server hosting the web page and Media Gateway must both be accessible by the browser.

  • Smooth reverse playback is not supported (except for MJPEG).

  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge are supported (Same as Security Center Web Client™).


This documentation includes a Nodejs Web Server with some code samples to help you get started. You have to install a recent version of Node.js and Security Center 5.10 (or up). Your Security Center license must include a certificate for SDK application development (see this section). To start the Web Server, navigate to the "sample" folder and use the following command: "node start.js" The web page is available locally at http://localhost:3000/index.html.

If you are a DAP member, sign in to see more information on the Security Center SDK and APIs. Access rights will be granted within 30 minutes after signing in. If you are not a member, visit the DAP page to apply.