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Overview of the Web SDK

The Web SDK allows you to create an application without dependencies on any specific development framework. This means that you can develop and target any platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android or a web page. The Web SDK is partly based on a REST style architecture. The Web SDK allows you to use many of the commands available in the Platform SDK, such as receiving alarms and events, creating reports, entity and cardholder management, etc. However, there are a few limitations. The most notable limitation is the absence of the media library; note however that we do have a separate Genetec Web Player.

Using the Web SDK is the recommend approach to integrate Security Center functionalities on non-Windows platforms. It is ideal for integrations that require simple interactions such as triggering an alarm, listening for a specific event, bookmarking a camera, or displaying a camera from a third-party system inside Security Center.

Architecture of the Web SDK API

The following functionalities are typically supported:

  • Receive/send alarms or events to Security Center

  • Lock/unlock doors

  • Modify cardholders and credentials

  • Add bookmarks to cameras

  • Receive license plate recognition reads and hits

  • Verify status of cameras, doors, applications

  • Query the system for access control, video, and license plate recognition events

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