Overview of the Workspace SDK

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Security Center

Overview of the Workspace SDK

Security Center comes with a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) plugin architecture that allows Tech Partners to integrate their solution in Security Center clients (Security Desk and Config Tool). This is a great way to create customized user experience and integrate third-party systems within Genetec, giving operators a unified front-end experience. For example, this image shows the custom tasks available in Security Desk after having installed the Workspace SDK sample modules.


The Workspace SDK allows you to use all functionalities of the .NET SDK. You can also create your own custom tasks, user options, deal with tiles using tile views or widgets, and create custom map objects to be displayed in native tiles.

If you're a DAP member, log in to see more information on the Security Center SDK and APIs. Access rights will be granted within 30 minutes after the initial login. If you are not a member, visit the DAP website to apply.