Resolved issues in the Security Center SDK

Security Center SDK Release Notes

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Security Center
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Security Center

The following software issues are resolved in Security Center SDK.

Issue Description
2899523 When the CardholderFieldsExtractor component is used, the Report Manager role takes up one extra connection than it is supposed to.
2874471 Installing a new plugin requires a server restart to make the plugin available.
2862684 Querying the SystemConfiguration entity causes the Web SDK role to restart.
2862485 Cardholder and credential Deactivation() method fail with an unexpected parameter.
2834171 Some ParkingOccupancyQuery column names are not exposed through the SDK: OccupancyParameterCollection, OccupancyParameter and ColumnParameter.
2824186 Custom actions cannot be sent from the SDK application, only event-to-actions.
2634525 WebSDK does not return the cardholder picture through the new serialization (new JSON and new XML).