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Security Center SDK Release Notes

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Security Center
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Security Center

The following capabilities are now available in the Security Center SDK.

Access to supported event types per entity type

You can now get a list of supported Security Center event types for a given entity type using the following static method:
Method : Genetec.Sdk.Events.EventsProvider.GetEntityTypeEvents(EntityType type) : List<EventType>
  • Platform SDK
  • Security Desk (Workspace) SDK
  • Macro SDK
License requirements
SDK Standard.

JWT tokens for strong identity

As an SDK client (user or role), you can now request a signed JWT token that uniquely identifies a Security Center system with an expiration time span as parameter. You can make this request either through the Security Center SDK or the REST API.
New attributes
class Genetec.Sdk.Workflows.Claims.AccessTokenResult
enum Genetec.Sdk.Interfaces.Security.AuthResult 
New methods
You can request the JWT token using the Engine class methods GetJwtUserToken() and GetJwtRoleToken() respectively. The expiration time with a TimeSpan object can be specified as a parameter or left empty.
Platform SDK only.
License requirements
SDK Standard.

Query for camera integrity report

You can now query the Camera tampering events for up to one month for a given camera from the SDK.
How to use the query
You only need to include the camera you want to query. This query will not return any results unless the Camera Integrity Monitor module is enabled and one or more cameras are being monitored. For more information, see Enabling the Camera Integrity Monitor module.

The following is an example for you to follow: