Limitations in the Security Center SDK

Security Center SDK Release Notes

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Security Center SDK includes the following known limitations.

Issue First reported in Description
2911778 After removing a cardholder from a cardholder group using the SDK or WebSDK, the Cardholder entity continues to show the cardholder group that it was removed from, while Config Tool shows that the cardholder is no longer part of the group.
Fastpath: Ensure that the cardholder and cardholder group properties are both removed at the same time from the SDK or WebSDK.
2483630 Executing synchronous queries from the CanExecute method of Contextual Action components deadlocks Security Desk and Config Tool.
Fastpath: Use asynchronous queries (BeginQuery) instead.
1766032 5.7 SR3 Cannot use asynchronous operations within an SDK transaction. When used, the operations are not completed inside the transaction as expected.
Fastpath: Use synchronous methods for these operations, when available.
1537301 5.7 SR2 For a privilege check to be performed when a Custom entity is declared with a Custom privilege in its descriptor, the client module describing the custom privilege must be installed on the main server.
1051547 5.7 GA When calling StopRecording(Guid, TimeSpan) on BOCamera, the recordingLengthBeforeStop is ignored and the recording is stopped instantly.
999439 5.6 SR4 If you try to add a camera shortly after removing it, an Already added event is triggered, and the camera cannot be added.
240792 5.3 LA SetVisualTrackingConfiguration is not supported for federated cameras. Configuration of those cameras can be read, but not set.