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Security Center SDK Release Notes

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Security Center

The following capabilities are now available in the Security Center SDK.

Expose IBackgroundProcessNotificationService as an SDK service

You can now notify a Security Desk user of the state of background operations through the workspace SDK.

All actions are available through the SDK service, including:
  • Add
  • Clear completed tasks
  • Complete with success, warning, or error
  • Send notifications
  • Update progress

Retrieve access control events based on insertion timestamps

Using the platform SDK, you can now query access control events by insertion timestamp in addition to event type, position, and Access Manager role.

A new class, AccessControlRawEventReportQuery, has been added to the SDK to support this new functionality.

Starting in Security Center, a new EventStream table was added to the Access Manager database to store event data. Events in this table can be queried by insertion timestamp using AccessControlRawEventReportQuery in the SDK. By default, events are not added to the EventStream table when they are added to the Access Manager database. To add them, you must manually enable the EventStream table by adding an advanced setting in Config Tool.

Note: The Access Manager database requires disk space for additional event data when this feature is enabled.

For more information on enabling this feature, see Enabling access control events in the EventStream table.